What Colin wrote about me

Yes I was recently invited to attend a celebration meal for one of our members (Caroline Barr) on the completion of her bronze level. Others invited were the assessors (some of whom were unable to attend 😞) for the activities she chose and some close friends. I presented her with her badge, certificate and Silver record book and wished her every success for the next step. A photo album of her Journey of Discovery was passed round and I was extremely impressed with her time aboard the Tenacious – a tall ship giving opportunities to disabled people and their carers. It was plain to see that she thoroughly enjoyed her trip and I was more than happy to see what the Discovery Award has meant for her. Well done Caroline!

In closing, I wish you all fun in your activities and hope that we can achieve what we set out to do.

Best wishes



My hobby has been my blog. Which at the time was a bit of a pain. Looking back it has been a very good way of recording everything that I have done. I can definitely see progression which I m not sure would have been obvious if I hadn’t done the blog.

I have had a great year achieving all these different things. I have really enjoyed myself.

Bring on the silver!


Has been blogging. Although most of my post are quite short. I’ll have probably spent about half an hour thinking about what to write. Tonight I got a lesson on word press from Alison about using the site. I’ve now got categories and tags.

I spent about two hours updating my site.