Arrival at the Calvert Trust

We got shown to our rooms after our three and a half hour car journey from Edinburgh which was uneventful. But we did stop of in Moffat for our lunch.

Our rooms were basic but all we needed.

After tea we met with Rob and then we went for a walk.

A view from the mini bus!

The next day it was a two mile walk in glorious sunshine..

It was really wonderful to access the countryside, on such a nice day.

Our afternoon session was horse riding something that I thought I’d never attempt again!here is a video of me mounting.

Me and fudge doing our thing

After tea I took the opportunity to go for a dip in the pool.

Third lot of questions

This is an anonymous survey.

The purpose is to see how it’s going with neatebox welcome.

I’m independent from neatebox and doing this for voluntary as I am doing this as part of my discovery award silver. (Duke of Edinburgh’s award for old people)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thankyou very much

For your time

How many times is neatebox used in the week(approximately)?

Have you had people book on neatebox and then don’t turn up yes no?

How many?

How do you feel Neatebox has helped you deliver better customer service?

Examples please?

What impact has Welcome had on a day-to-day basis in your role?

How do you feel Welcome could improve to help you in your role, or to help your organisation? Is there anything that you’d improve on?

Would you recommend neatebox to people employed in similar roles? Yes no

or to similar organisations? Yes no

Have you told any customers about Neatebox, if they’re not already using it? How did they react?

Do you have any thing else you’d like to add

And Thankyou for your time.