Carbon college

We did our introductions.

Then we had a discussion about

  • What are we sure about
  • We where certain that it’s happening
  • We are certain something needs to be done
  • That being part of a collective is a good thing
  • It’s depressing
  • We are certain that the government is not doing enough
  • It will be poorer countries that will suffer more
  • Wether individual actions make a difference
  • Or wether one action can make a difference
  • For example turning of one light is going to save the planet
  • one thing you’re not sure about
  • how long we’ve got

Here’s the reply from councillor Steve Burgess Hi Caroline, Here’s an explanation about LDPE materials. Regards Steve —————– Steve Burgess Green Cllr Southside-Newington Ward Dear Councillor Burgess. I refer to the email trail below, and can advise that the waste management industry is typically reluctant to accept plastic bags as part of kerbside and household recycling due to the issues of the plastic causing equipment failures (it wraps round the sorting equipment) and causes contamination of other streams. Similarly the plastics industry prefers to collect it through the collection network operated by the major retailers which is cheaper and offers them better quality. Most large supermarkets operate banks for LDPE bags, wrappers, etc. These are now often labelled as “check locally” or “not at kerbside” using the industry wide On Pack Labelling Scheme, as in the example below. We have no plans to add this material to our own recycling services at present. I hope this helps. Yours sincerely Angus

What I did yesterday

me and some of south east edinburgh greens

On the stall at edinburgh city council first climate change festival

This could be a climate catastrophe so what do edinburgh city council do they turn it into a festival!

Or I could just try and eat Cameron Rose a well known climate change denier

And here’s the reply

We have committed to eliminating all single-use-plastic from Co-op branded packaging by 2023, and making the rest of our packaging ‘easy to recycle’. Read more ➡️ ^Yasmin

Which I thought was fair


My hobby has been my blog. Which at the time was a bit of a pain. Looking back it has been a very good way of recording everything that I have done. I can definitely see progression which I m not sure would have been obvious if I hadn’t done the blog.

I have had a great year achieving all these different things. I have really enjoyed myself.

Bring on the silver!


Has been blogging. Although most of my post are quite short. I’ll have probably spent about half an hour thinking about what to write. Tonight I got a lesson on word press from Alison about using the site. I’ve now got categories and tags.

I spent about two hours updating my site.