Carbon college

We did our introductions.

Then we had a discussion about

  • What are we sure about
  • We where certain that it’s happening
  • We are certain something needs to be done
  • That being part of a collective is a good thing
  • It’s depressing
  • We are certain that the government is not doing enough
  • It will be poorer countries that will suffer more
  • Wether individual actions make a difference
  • Or wether one action can make a difference
  • For example turning of one light is going to save the planet
  • one thing you’re not sure about
  • how long we’ve got


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Hi Caroline
I hope you had a good weekend.
I spoke to you last week regarding the blog you had written for your voyage on Tenacious on the ship’s laptop.
I asked the ship if they could send it to us, and I’m so sorry to let you know but there’s been a problem with the machine and they haven’t been saved.  They also weren’t able to print a hard copy either as paper supplies on board are low.
Please accept my apologies that we weren’t able to to publish it on our website and send a copy to you.
If I can be of any further help please let me know.

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So my report is done from my memory!


Well I went up the rigging. With support from the wonderful Micheal (I know that is not how you spell his name) and the tremendous Hannah and Micheal Fourman on my rope.

It was actually easier than I thought it would be. One foot after the other you can only go up. I rationalised it by saying to myself. It would not look good if they lost someone overboard.

The view was great. It wasn’t that cold even although I am a bit over wrapped up. Being used to the frozen north.

This gave me the biggest boost to the confidence I think I never had. I have come back home, I’m looking for a new job!