Discovery Award

This is me!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicky, Sharon and Helen who also helped with my exercises. Huld my personal trainer for all his positive encouragement. Barnardo’s staff Derek and Liam who are fabulous. Alison who helped me with my blogging. All my friends who have been with me every step of the way.

A very big thankyou

Meeting with Colin today

At 1400 hours at Cult Espresso I had my meeting with Colin from the Discovery Award.

He registered me. I explained about Mx title.

I told him about my plans with my fitness. So we agreed that getting out a chair with no hands would be an great achievement.

My hobby is going to be blogging about the achievements and the ups and curves of this perambulation.

My service in the Community is going to be volunteering in Barnardos. More about that later.

My discovery challenge is going to be TALL SHIPS.

I am now 50 years young…..

I’ve had a disability for the last 37 years of that life.

This is me at my christening.

Yes I know I look a bit like Winston Churchill, but in a dress and with hair.

I was blessed to be born, into a very supportive family.

I have got two really cool parents.

It has just taken me 50 years to realise that.

My disabilities have held me back to a certain existent.

Definately financially.  Then money doesn’t bring you happiness.  I can say I’m content with my life and most of my life choices.  I got my duke of edinburgh gold award when I was 25., and now at 50 I am embarking on my Discovery Award.

Discovery and me